Small Tractors

Tuber 50

Tractor Tuber 50 is delivered with a water-cooled four-cylinder diesel engine, manufactured by either Lombardini or Yanmar. Lombardini’s engine has displacement of 2199 cm3 and it produces 48 hp at 2800 rpm. Yanmar’s engine has a displacement of 2190 cm3 and it produces 47.3 hp. Lombardnini engine has indirect fuel injection system, whereas Yanmar engine […]

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Tractor TUBER 40 with cabin

Tractor TUBER 40 is available with a comfortable cabin, whose glazed side doors and rear window, along with windshield wiper, allow to user a full visibility. All levers control are logically and ergonomically placed inside the cabin. Natural ventilation is ensured by raising the rear window, while the ventilation system with heating contributes to more […]

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Tuber 40

Tuber 40 is a four-wheel compact tractor with four- wheel drive and full hydraulic steering gear. It is a very agile multipurpose machine, used for performing main tasks in agricultural production. Ploughing, mining, sowing and reinforcement of crops with additional media are some of numerous agricultural operations for which Tuber is intended. Beside its use […]

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