With more than 150 products specifically designed for lubrication, servicing and maintenance, Ipone now has the widest and most in-depth range on the motorbike and recreational vehicle market. This enables us to provide you with solutions adapted to any vehicle and any application, with high-tech products meeting the latest manufacturers’ requirements and environmental standards.

In a world revolutionised over recent years by the 4-stroke engine and where environmental concerns play an ever greater role (see box), lubricant technology is constantly changing. Ipone is therefore constantly working to keep up with the latest innovations. This day-to-day work has been rewarded with our products’ compliance with the latest international standards (JASO, API, NMMA).This real passion for research and innovation gave rise to the first lubricants to mask post-combustion odour, to the first range of 2-stroke/4-stroke lubricants dedicated to scooters, to the first racing oil 0W40 increasing engine power, etc. The list of these new products which have been launched since 1985 is long and demonstrates the creativity of the brand. It illustrates our constant effort to offer solutions adapted to every type of environment and application.

At Ipone, innovation goes far beyond formulating products. It extends to packaging which is designed to make our products easier to use, making us stand out from our competitors. 4-litre can, jerry can, 1.5-litre packaging for fork oils, metering can for 2-stroke lubricants, more economical 750ml sprays, 220-litre decorated drums, etc. Ipone’s desire to keep up with the market is seen in its attention to detail.

A philosophy which also demands quick reactions to tackle changing standards and the vagaries of the weather which, as everyone knows, affect activities in this sector. This flexibility is now a luxury not everyone is able to offer.