Spray cables

Cable lubrication and maintenance This mineral oil-based product is specially recommended for cable maintenance. Advantages : ->Facilitates movement and increases cable life without damaging sheaths and coverings. ->Ideal for the maintenance of fine articulations such as gears and small connecting rods. Available sizes : 736

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Protector 3

Protector spray This multipurpose aerosol releases seized metal parts, and is also an excellent insulator for electrical components such as spark plug cables, coils and connector cables. It creates a film which provides effective protection against weathering and humidity. Advantages : ->Thanks to its many uses, this product is essential for ATV, boat and jet […]

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Soap in a tube Made of soap and super-active micro-balls, this gel is ideal for cleaning your hands after mechanical work. Advantages : ->Practical for its size, it fits easily in your first-aid kit. Instructions for use: put a drop of soap in the palm of the hand. Rub your hands together dry, ensuring you […]

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Multi-function grease This product is used to grease parts subjected to high friction stresses and will extend their life in the most demanding environments. It is particularly recommended for shafts, pins, nuts, bearings. Advantages : ->The tube packaging allows you to reach the most inaccessible parts. Available sizes : 449

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Dextron 2R

Transmission fluid – D2R D2R is recommended for power steering and automatic gearboxes on ATVs and SSVs, for hydraulic clutches on specific motorcycles, for hydraulic circuits in Jet Ski turbines and for cylinder-operated steering for boats. Advantages : ->The product is suitable for use both in summer and winter. ->Its summer viscosity grade guarantees protection […]

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Clean R Polish

Suitable for all surfaces Clean R POLISH can be used on any surface, including aluminium and other metals, plastic, glass, plexiglas and carbon fiber. Advantages : ->Cleans grease spots. ->Dissolves fouling. ->Polishes microscratches. ->Gives an incomparable shine thanks to its water-repellent protecting film. ->Ideal for fairings and helmet visors. Available sizes : 759 756

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Carbu Cleaner

Carburettor cleaning spray CARBU CLEANER eliminates fouling and deposits caused by dust, fuel and oil. It cleans the intake system, jets, pots, floats, valves, etc…, allowing precision tuning. Advantages : ->The handy diffuser is ideal for reaching areas which are difficult to access. CARBU CLEANER is an essential competition product. Available sizes : 755

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Brake Cleaner

Brake degrease spray Aerosol for degreasing and cleaning brake discs and shoes. Advantages : ->Extra-powerful degreaser. ->Highly volatile, leaves no greasy deposits on components. ->Does not damage oil seals or boot kits. BRAKE CLEANER high-power degreaser can be used on many other difficult cleaning tasks, such as glue spots. Available sizes : 750 Brake Cleaner […]

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