Ural Ranger Tundra

Ural Ranger Tundra

Even though a typical Ranger, this model has the potential to become the most popular of all the Rangers. It is the powder coating of the sheet metal parts which makes this Ranger so interesting. A dark, very dark, deep green, in fact almost black colour, mixed in the Ural factory, it seems as if the ingredients for this colour tone were influenced  by the swamps, mosses, and braids of the perma-frost soil from the tundra of Siberia.

Sometimes, especially under certain light conditions, you can catch a light curtain of fog in the coating. That is the reason why in America this model is known as “Forest Fog”. There is most definitely something mystic about it.

Due to the sidecar drive and high ground clearance this sidecar outfit is of course perfect for the nomads amongst us, who may even prefer to drive in the Tundra as opposed to the nice flat road surfaces. The standard Ranger specifications such as spot light, spade, jerry can, spare wheel, and luggage rack on the spare wheel, are all very welcome.

The Tundra shown here is equipped with optional accessories for which there is a supplement payable:

  • Rollover bar for the sidecar
  • Protective bar on the sidecar front
  • Protective bar on the sidecar rear
  • Protective basket for the sidecar lights front and rear
  • Luggage rack behind the passenger seat
  • Luggage rack on the sidecar fender

All of these parts are black powder coated.
(Also available in shiny chrome)